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    We have two talks this month. and pizza!

    Thanks to John and LI9 for the pizza.

    Both talks are about recent distribution releases. Red Hat Enterprise 8 released at the end of May and Debian 10 released at the beginning of July.

    Thursday, 2019Jul11 @ 19:00 Desert Breeze Substation: 251 North Desert Breeze Blvd, Chandler, AZ 85226

    Red Hat Enterprise Linux 8 Overview

    Speaker: John DeFree, RH solutions architect @ LI9

    Learn about the first version release of Red Hat Enterprise Linux in over four years. The latest release features unprecedented ease of deployment, ease of migration, and ease of management enabling you to upgrade existing customers and attract new ones.

    Red Hat Enterprise Linux 8 gives organizations a stable, security-focused, and consistent foundation across hybrid cloud deploymentsand the tools they need to deliver applications and workloads faster with less effort.

    Hey Buster! Debian 10 released

    Speaker: der.hans, customer service engineer @ ObjectRocket

    Debian 10 brings with it many ch-ch-changes.

    Reproducible Builds, Wayland, AppArmor, nftables, cups.

    10 hardware architectures, 59000 packages, 28,939 source packages, 11,610,055 source files, and 76 languages.

    Stretch updates.

    Get or upgrade to Debian 10 now.

    Coming soon on Blu-ray.


    The Free Software Stammtisch is the following Tuesday. This month we will review resumes starting at 18:00.

    Tuesday, 2019Jul16 @ 18:00 Boulders on Southern, 1010 W Southern Ave, Mesa, AZ 85204

    The security meeting will be the subsequent Thursday.

  2. At this year’s Jobs BoF we will be reviewing resumes. Bring resumes for review by tech industry veterans at the SCaLE 17x jobs BoF.

    Friday night at 19:00 we will have tech engineering managers and recruiters on hand in Ballroom C. Resume reviews will run for an hour with informal career networking continuing for at least another hour in Ballroom C.

    We will also again have the popular SCaLE jobs board posted all weekend by the entrance between Ballroom B and Ballroom C. The jobs board is a great place to place ads for openings at your company and to find openings for job-seekers.

    If you are an engineering manager or recruiter wanting to volunteer to help with the resume reviews, please contact us.

    Email - jobsBoF (at)

    IRC - LuftHans or jillr on Freenode, usually in #PLUGaz and #LOPSA

    Twitter - @jillrouleau

    TODO: Bring your resume and questions for review by tech industry veterans.

    When: Friday, March 8th @ 19:00

    Where: Ballroom C at SCaLE 17x in Pasadena

    Hope to see you there!

    Your SCaLE jobs BoF team,

    Garick, Jill, Matti and hans

  3. PLUG 25th anniversary banner

    We have two topics for February’s PLUG meeting. Brian will cover "An introduction to the Hugin Panorama Stitcher" and Phil will cover "Krita basics, drawing assistants and G’Mic".

    The meeting is Thursday, February 14th at 19:00 at the Desert Breeze substation. RSVP via GetTogether.

    An introduction to the Hugin Panorama Stitcher
    Hugin is a powerful program to combining multiple overlapping images into panoramas. It is easy to use, but needs quality input images to work correctly. This presentation will give an intro to using Hugin as well as advice on how to take high quality input images with minimal paralax distortion so that your panoramas will always turn out perfect.
    This presentation will also cover masking out unwanted items in your panorama, using hugin to create HDR images, rerendering individual images into architectural projections.
    Krita basics, drawing assistants and G’Mic
    Krita is an amazing drawing/painting program. This talk will cover the basics of Krita, including layers, selections and more. It will also dive into some of the amazing drawing assistants that come with Krita, and really help out folks, like myself, that are artistically impaired.
    Additionally, Krita comes with a set of powerful filters and tools known as G’mic (Greyc’s Magic for Image Computing) that is also available in many other programs (GIMP, Inkscape) and we will cover several of them during this talk.

    Stammtisch will be following Tuesday on the 19th.

    The Thursday after the east valley meeting Aaron will cover "Introduction To Assembly Language - Reverse Engineering Software" for PLUG’s monthly security meeting on the 21st.

  4. SCaLE17x logo

    SCaLE accepted my Device and Personal Privacy Technology Roundup talk for the Security track on Sunday, March 10th at 13:30 in room 106.

    I was in room 101 the last few years, so it’ll be nice to stretch my horizons and try a new place :). Ha, I’ve actually been in room 101 every year since we moved to Pasadena ( checked old schedules ).

    The security track looks nice this year.

    Sunday, Eric Brown will be covering Your Suite of Open Source Security Linters at 11:30 before my talk.

    Mandy Walls will be covering Adding Security to your Workflow with InSpec at 13:00 after my talk.

    Looks like both of them are new speakers for SCaLE. That’s one of the nice things about SCaLE, there’s opportunity for new speakers every year.

    If our talks don’t look interesting, the are 11 other tracks on Sunday to choose from, plus the hallway track. The expo hall will be open for part of the day that day, but usually closes mid-afternoon as everyone needs time to break down and pack everything out.

    The security track also runs Saturday in room 106. I’m personally looking forward to Michal Hrusecky’s Making secure routers with opensource firmware talk at the end of the day. I want to learn more about Turris Omnia, an open hardware router designed to run OpenWRT.

    I read about CZ.NIC’s Turris Omnia project in a copy of LinuxPro Magazine on a flight to speak at LibrePlanet last year. I had picked up the magazine at SCaLE just before LibrePlanet. Had some good conversations about the project at LibrePlanet.

    I wanted to visit CZ.NIC while in Prague over the Summer, but was too amazed with the city to think about a geekspedition while there. I did get to speak at Tübix before heading to Prague, so it wasn’t a completely geek free trip.

    Speaking of speaking before, I will also be speaking as part of UbuCon again this year. My talk is Software Management for Debian and Ubuntu on Thursday at 11:30.

    Looking forward to a great SCaLE, some great talks and lots of fantastic people.

    QR Code To My SCaLE Speaker Page

    QR code to speaker page
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  5. This year PLUG members are providing 1/3 of the talks for the SCaLE 17x LibreGraphics track!

    The LibreGraphics track runs all day Friday the 8th of March.

    Brian’s An introduction to the Hugin Panorama Stitcher talk will be at 13:00 in Ballroom C.

    Phil’s Krita basics, drawing assistants and G’Mic will be two talks later at 15:30 in the same room.

    Other LibreGraphics talks include Photography Workflow with FOSS using Linux, how the Krita project operates, Inside the Journey to Thelio and Video Game Production with Open Source Tools. In other words, it’s a really strong track this year.

    PLUG member Ted will be speaking as part of UbuCon on Friday as well. He’s speaking about Snapping Modern Desktop Apps: Inkscape at 11:30.

    I will also be speaking as part of UbuCon. My talk is Software Management for Debian and Ubuntu Thursday at 11:30.

    The Birds of a Feather (BoF) sessions start Friday night. Once again, Jill and I will be two of the sponsors for the Job and Career-Search Tips and Best Practices at 19:00.

    SCaLE 17x is from Thursday March 7th through Sunday March 10th in Pasadena, California.

    PLUG is the Phoenix Linux Users Group, but we could transform to the Pasadena Linux Users Group one weekend a year as many of travel to Southern California to attend SCaLE.

    SCaLE 17x is shaping up to be a great conference. Hope to see you in Pasadena the second weekend of March.

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